Wednesday 8 June 2016

Little Tatted Box

At last, I have finally completed the little box I started telling you about a few posts ago!  Here it is:

A few weeks back, I attended a Tatting Day and a lady I met recently was doing a workshop on this little box.  The original pattern and idea is by Judith Connors who gave permission for Linda to teach the class but this particular design was modified by Linda.  What was clever is that Linda had moulds fabricated to shape the boxes.  I think they are made of some kind of vinyl? 

So you make the lid and press it onto the mould before coating the tatting with fabric stiffener.  You then remove and leave to dry and repeat the process for the base, using the narrower part of the mould.  Great, isn't it?

Linda (and Judith) like to decorate their boxes with a flower on top.  So I put one on top of mine, for the photo.

Of course, you could use something else to mould your box, like a jam jar but it's particularly nice to have the right matching size for the lid.  It's a really neat idea and it would be nice to have those moulds in different sizes.

Thanks Linda!

Best wishes,


  1. Complimenti, e molto bela.

  2. Lovely! I've had this project on my list for some time and so appreciate the tips on using a mold to shape it!

  3. Wow! That's a great idea, and utterly gorgeous :) I love tatting that can be used for more than just laying around!

  4. Isn't that beautiful? I love it!

  5. Exquisite !!!
    I've been following your posts, but find it difficult to leave a comment for some weird reason. Let's see if compatibility has improved ...

  6. That is just the cutest little box. I have part of that box made, my plan was to use a jam jar and then wrap some paper towel around it when doing the lid so it would be a bit bigger.

  7. Urocze pudełeczko. Bardzo subtelne i delikatne. Pięknie Ci się udało.

  8. I've admired Judith's box pattern for a long time and wish I could take a class to get the pattern! I'm curious about the 'vinyl' mold! I've used various molds for my 3-D items, usually plastic or Styrofoam shaped pieces (like bells, which I cover with plastic wrap for easy removal of the 'dried' tatting). But I made the tatting 'fit' the mold. This mold was apparently made to fit the tatting? I do like the center tatted medallion!

  9. What a great idea, I have not seen Judith's pattern before, well I can't remember it, if I have.
    I love the idea of using a box to mould the shape of the box

  10. The original designer of this lovely little box is Leni McKenzie of Australia. She allowed me to share it with a class at the Fringe Weekend in Cambridge, Canada in September 2015. Linda adapted it for her group.

    You can use the tops of various spray cans as cheap molds.

  11. This is lovely! I recently tatted a keepsake box was wasn't happy with the way it turned out. I'm not seeing the pattern for yours here; is it available?


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