Sunday 5 June 2016

Crochet in the Sunshine and a Tip

As you may know I have several projects on the go, three of them being crochet blankets!  I don't know what it is about crochet blankets but I do enjoy making them.  There's the colourful ripple one for my son, there's "Frida's Flowers" I have been showing you in the previous post and there's also another beautiful design by Jane Crowfoot:  Persian Tiles.  I like variety so it's nice to always have more than one project on the go (though of course, I usually have too many!!  Because I'm only talking about crochet here, there's also the tatting, the micro macramé, the knitting...)

Anyway, Jane Crowfoot had a tip about making a blanket with repeated elements.  She said rather than doing one whole element at a time (which is what I tend to do), it's better to do the first round of all the elements, then the next round on all of them, and so on.  She says that way, if your tension changes, your motifs are more likely to end up the same size.

I took her up on her advice and started working the remaining motifs of the Persian Tile blanket that way.  I have five of the large octagons made so I'm now working on the remaining eleven.

It was such a beautiful sunny day today, we ate in the garden and then I sat and crocheted a bit in the evening sunshine.  Lovely.

Best wishes,


  1. I loooove these crocheted tiles! The colors are so vivid and harmonious, can't wait to see the finished blanket :)

  2. That's a beautiful pattern! I've read that tip before, and it makes sense to me.

  3. Oh wow, that Persian Tile is stunning!!

  4. Even if my favourite is Frida's flowers, I like this one, too. That way of going with many motifs in rounds it's how I do with tatting, for ex in doilies with flowers around, I find in this way I'm very satisfied, when you finish all centers you fell strongly motivated to finish the doily!!

  5. What a good idea and I can understand what she means about tension, I don't crochet but I have knitted a bed cover, it had six different patterns that made up the blanket, instead of making so many of each pattern I looked at the graph and knitted them in order of each line so I did not get fed up with knitting so many of each pattern at a time.
    It was beautiful weather yesterday I do hope this continues for the summer.

  6. That is going to be so awesome!!! What fabulous colors!!! :)


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