Monday 30 November 2015

Quick Knitting

I don't know why but in spite of all the things I have on my "to-do" list, I suddenly felt the urge to make this chunky jacket.  It's made on 8mm needles so I thought it'd be really quick and keep me warm and cosy as the weather is getting miserable and cold (lots of rain and wind here!).  I started it on Thursday and finished it last night.

The wool is Drops Andes, a wonderfully soft and comfy blend of wool and alpaca.  The colour is a bit brighter than I was expecting but I do like turquoise and wear it often.  It's just a bit bolder than my usual turquoise.

What I really wanted to write about in particular and share with other interested knitters is that I made this in the round first of all (I always work in the round with circular needles wherever possible) BUT the best part is THE SLEEVES!  I tried a new method for the first time:  top down with short row shaping.  It's wonderful. What a revelation.  No sewing, easy and perfect fit.  I'm a total convert and will definitely be knitting more sleeves with that method.  I highly recommend anybody to look this up. Especially with chunky yarn like this where a seam would be bulky, picking up stitches and knitting down from the armhole looks much better.

(Apologies, not great photo from my phone above)

Pattern is Berroco "Nimbus"
(A free pattern)

Sleeve work in progress

Finished sleeve and how perfectly it fits the armhole.
You can't even see where I did the wraps.
It just looks smooth and fits so well.

If anyone's interested, this blogpost by Knittyprofessors
explains how to convert the whole pattern to knit it in the round
and to use the top-down method for the sleeves.

So that's it.  I just felt I had to share my discovery and possibly inspire knitters to try something new.  It's well worth it!  I'm wearing it now and it is wonderfully warm and cosy.  Happy.  :-)

Right, back to shuttles and gift crochet and knitting and tatting!

Best wishes,


  1. Thanks, I'll look that up. I have knitted sleeves in the round from the shoulder to wrist, but short rows didn't come into it.

    1. It's really great Jane. I had done straight sleeves from the top down before too but this give you a lovely, well-fitting, set-in sleeve worked from the top down so no seam and you can adjust length as you work (although in this case, my sleeves are just elbow-length). The short rows allow you to knit the sleeve cap gradually from the picked-up stitches. Really great. :-)

  2. I love it! I prefer knitting in the round as well, something I plan to do more of once I have a little time on my hands. ;-)

    1. Time! Yes, please, MORE time! I know what you mean… :-)

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous color! What a wonderful choice to offset winter! I can't believe you have time to knit now...

    1. I don't have time really Michelle… I'm just not reasonable, that's my problem. :-)

  4. I am knitting a baby's cardigan at the moment, it's starts with the sleeves and knit the body in one go adding the sleeves at the armhole and knitting the whole lot decreasing up to the neck, I rather like this as there's less sewing up, never heard of knitting down from the top of the sleeve, off to check it out. Sounds interesting, lovely top and beautiful colour.

  5. Es precioso y el color me encanta.Besos.

  6. It's beautiful! Looks nice and warm, too.

  7. Delightful jacket! You certainly make good use of your time! Knitting the sleeve down on circular needles is a great idea.


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