Wednesday 4 November 2015

Gifts and Remembrance

A friend from afar very kindly sent me some thread to try, thank you so much, it was a lovely surprise.

It is made by Alenalea Design on Etsy.  A nice thread to work with and I particularly liked this lovely mix of colours called Guinevere.  I thought my little flower would be great to show off the colours… I made one earring and then thought of a friend who doesn't wear earrings so I came up with this necklace idea.

See how pretty the thread colours are?
I paired it with leafy greens by Lizbeth.

I think I will make one for my shop but may change the angle of the leaves on the next one.  I also tried something new and made a macrame knot closure which is adjustable.  It's great and there's no need for findings.

It's Remembrance this Sunday and although I showed this to you last year, I just took it out of the drawer today to pin it to my coat and thought how much I like this poppy, design by Jennifer Williams, so I thought I'd show it to you again.

I think I should probably change the plastic stem eventually but I really like the way this poppy looks and always get compliments when I wear it.

Best wishes,


  1. The necklace is lovely! I have some of Alenalea's threads, but I haven't tried them yet. She does have some beautiful colors.

    I remember the poppy. Jennifer Williams has some wonderful designs!

  2. Love that pin. I must try it for next year of course. Great idea for the adjustable necklace knot.

  3. Love that pin. I must try it for next year of course. Great idea for the adjustable necklace knot.

  4. Lovely thread, I was looking at her site the other day, she has some lovely colours.
    Lovely flower and will lovely around your friends neck.
    I remember the poppy and was going to make one this year but it got side tracked and I found the pattern on Tuesday but I doubt if I will get time to make one.

  5. Very elegant & pretty ... flowers are always a hit with me :-)

  6. Le collier est superbe ! Et ce fil est très joli, je vais aller faire un tour sur Etsy ;)

  7. It is lovely thread. I am so happy she is in Melbourne and part of our little tatting group!!
    I am sure she will be thrilled that you like it too.

  8. Hola me puedes decir como hacer la
    Amapola se tejer frivolite y me encantó
    Gracias por tu apoyo
    Tengo 71 años y desde niña tejo lo que me enseñó mi abuelita materna y mi mamá

    1. Hello, I'm glad to hear you are enjoying tatting. You can find the poppy pattern on Jennifer's website:
      It's very beautiful and I hope you'll enjoy making it. :-)


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