Thursday, 14 August 2014

Orsi's Snowflake - Revisit

There has been talk about Orsi's snowflake at In Tatters and the version I had made with beads (see here).  I "cheated" in that first one, wanting to make it in one pass, using a split ring to come out of the centre round.  The problem was with the beads I chose to use all around the centre ring… to climb out, you will see that one bead has only one thread inside it (that's the cheating part) because I had to put the bead on one shuttle before starting whereas the other beads are added on the picot as I made the join.

The other solution was to use a loop-tatted ring for the centre and this is what I tried in this version:

My centre beads are too big (but I'm away on holiday with very limited supplies!) and they pull on the centre ring because my picots were also too short to accommodate the beads.  BUT, the loop-tatted ring for the centre works very well and enables both threads to be in the bead so that the beads and joins on the centre ring look all the same and it is still tatted in one pass.

Might have one more go at this…

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  1. You might have limited supplies, but I think you did a great job of this snowflake, I am planning to have a go at it.

  2. Very clever use of a LTR. This snowflake is lovely.


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