Monday, 18 August 2014

Earrings - Still Red & Black!

This is Elizabeth Zipay's "Tigereye Earrings" pattern.  I needed a new pair of red earrings (I'm in a red mood lately) so I tatted this little pattern up.  I like the shade of red (again that's all I have with me) but I'm not so pleased with the black beads in this case.  I'd like something a bit more summery.  I may have to go in search of a bead shop.  That's why I only made one for now.

Best wishes,


  1. I love this pattern and have several earrings with it, I am sure you will find a shop to buy more beads. Lovely in red.

  2. I really like black and red together. Shimmer is always important!

  3. So pretty!
    Shiny black would be wonderful, or teal:)


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