Tuesday 20 May 2014

Some Tatting At Last!

Where does the time go??  I know I'm not the only one who thinks that.  I've been wanting to tat something new for ages and I just wasn't getting around to it, being busy with all sorts of other things.

So today, I actually decided I was going to take the time to tat something.  Inspired by Liyarra's latest piece, I turned to my Jan Stawasz books and decided to try this one:

This is a motif (from his second book) that is repeated to make a larger piece with smaller connecting motifs in between.  I tatted this in DMC Babylo size 20, a thread I normally like but I'm finding it a bit too fuzzy-fluffy on this occasion; it's making a mess of my picots!  

I started again in Lizbeth size 20 to see if I like it better.  Hopefully it won't be too long before I can show you the second version.

Best wishes,


  1. It looks very nice to me!! :)

  2. Very nice, but I can see with his patterns, you really want the picots to show up well, they seem to be truly part of his designs.

  3. With his patterns the picots are important, the colour of the thread is lovely pity it's a bit fuzzy.
    Looking forward to seeing your second one.

  4. Très jolis motif et couleur même si les picots ne veulent pas trop rester en place. J'ai toujours un peu plus de mal à "frivoler" avec le fil DMC que Lisbeth.


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