Sunday, 9 March 2014

Perfetti Elegant

Do you remember those lovely snowflakes by Robin Perfetti I made recently?  Well, she's done it again!  This time it's a beautiful square motif (and everyone knows I love squares!) which instantly appealed to me the moment I saw it.

It is called Woodland Medallion.

Elegant, that's what I think.

Robin works with an app on her iPad to design shapes which she then translates into tatting patterns.  Clever isn't it?  And she obviously has an eye for lovely shapes!

The motif is tatted in size 20 thread and uses a 14x16 finding in the sample on her pattern but as you can see this square finding works great too.

Best wishes,


  1. Lovely! Good as is or you could build on it... : )

  2. Lovely motif, and as Fox said you could build on it making a square doily.

  3. Another lovely square, and you've tatted it so beautifully! That finding is my absolute favorite! It looks perfect with that thread!

  4. Nice job of incorporating the design of the doo-dad into the tatting!!

  5. Very elegant, and a nice combination of the steel blue with the metal.

  6. You've tatted this very nicely, and I love the way the colors complement each other. Hey, I'd be all for it if someone wants to build a larger piece around the center. Don't know if I have the skill to tackle designing doilies at the moment!


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