Sunday, 2 March 2014

Doily Progress

I've completed the 5th round.  Those double rings don't always want to lie nicely next to each other.  Lots of small rings on the next one… on the next two rounds in fact.  I better get moving!

Round 1 :  English Rose Dk
Round 2:  Harvest Orange Med
Round 3:  Violet/Pink Med
Round 4:  Magenta Dk
Round 5:  Coral Orange Med

I had started the 6th round but didn't like the colour.  I'm madly trying to have a different colour for each round but they need to, hopefully!, still go together!  Don't know yet how many rounds I'll have to keep this up for.

My wrist warmers proved popular with a couple of my friends.  I adjusted the pattern to make smaller scallops which I think are more lacy and pretty.The red pair (which is not finished and not quite as red IRL) will be for me.  I am enjoying wearing them.

Best wishes,


  1. Great catch-up. Looks good!

    Wrist warmers a treat!

  2. your doily looks good. I am thinking wrist warmers this afternoon. going to try getting my sock machine up and running and do them on it.

  3. The doily is looking lovely I am wondering what colour you are going to do next
    Lovely wrist warmers, great pattern

  4. Replies
    1. You must be reading my mind! :-)
      Not quite pale yellow… but close!

    2. yeah, ,if you use green at this stage , it will look like a super beautiful, excellent inimitable tomato.
      Honey drizzle?

  5. The doily is looking splendid! Judging from Renulek's previous projects, you could have a lot of colours to find!! I love the wrist warmers.

  6. The doily so cheerful! Sort of spring like!
    Wrist warmers are pretty, I like this pattern!

  7. The disadvantage about tatting this doily is not knowing how many rounds and what they are going to look like so choosing colours becomes some what difficult. But you have choosen well and it is certainly going to be eye catching.

    1. Yes you are right Sally! It's strange not to know and not being able to plan for colours. But I'm forging ahead and hoping for the best!!

  8. Your doily is so outstanding and beautiful!!! :)
    Beautiful wrist warmers!!! :)

  9. Great colors for your doily! Your tatting is always so beautiful!

  10. It' lovely ! I did a lite blocking on mine after the 5th round and it helped a lot.


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