Monday 31 March 2014

Old Coat Refurbishment

I have this old Mac.  I've been wearing it for years.  It was purple and I liked my purple mac.  But after all this time, it was all faded and looking sorry for itself.  I thought it was time to bin it and buy a new one.  Then I walked past a display of fabric dyes in a shop and saw a box of purple.  Aha!  Why don't I try to dye my lovely old coat and see if it revives it enough to keep wearing it a bit longer.

The original purple was a bit "bluer" and this one is a bit "plummer" but I was really pleased when it came out of the washing machine all richly coloured again.  I should have taken a photo before because the colour was really washed out and faded.

The sleeve edges were frayed.  So of course, I thought I would hide them with some tatted lace.  Yes, that's the size 10 purple edging I showed you two posts ago.  I thought size 10 would be more hard-wearing for the sleeves.  I still edged them with ribbon first so they wouldn't get worse and then attached the lace on top.

Sad old frayed sleeve edge

Freshly re-hemmed with ribbon

Ta-dah!  New old coat!

And a close-up of the sleeve lace

Best wishes,


  1. Now that's really lovely! Well done you!

  2. Looks amazing!

    I did the same thing with black #10 on a jacket and I loved it, till I washed it after always dry meaning it - cheap me - and shrinking it to a child's size! : ((

  3. Wow! That's so great! I'm going to remember that. I've got a favorite coat, too, and I keep hoping it will never wear out. Maybe I'll have to invest in some of that size 10 rope.

    1. It is quite "ropish" to work with! But it's also nice for a coat to have a bolder, bigger lace.

  4. Oh how pretty and stylish!!! :)

  5. Oh that is simply lovely! What a terrific solution too!!!

  6. How very clever. So very attractive. Karen in OR

  7. Love what you did with it.

  8. What a lovely rejuvenation. It's always great to see something saved from the rubbish bin and made like new again.

  9. Great rejuvenation, looks like new, if I see someone walking about in a purple coat with tatting on the sleeve I know it's you.

  10. How wonderful! That is a great idea.

  11. What a wonderful idea, and so pretty, too!


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