Thursday 20 March 2014

More Wipping

Inspired by my Pomegranate handkerchief, I decided to tackle another WIP.  I can't even remember when I started that one… on a long trip I would think - I like to take edgings with me when I am travelling as they are easy and you don't need to carry a pattern with you.  So you can keep your hands busy without too much thinking.

So this one is my Christmas Tree edging.  I wanted to try it not as Christmas Trees to see what it would look like in other colours.  Here it is.

It is tatted in Lizbeth Azalea Med in size 40.
This colour is incredibly difficult to photograph!
It always comes over too saturated.

But it was a good match for the embroidery on the hanky.

Again, I had completed the tatting a while ago and it just needed attaching to the handkerchief.  This time I decided to do it all in one go!  So that was my project last evening.  It didn't even take that long.

Just noticed one little tree
is folded down on the left-hand side.
It's not missing!

And guess what?… I have yet more WIPs!  Maybe this can be my "spring resolution":  completing WIPs.  But can I keep it up?...

Best wishes,


  1. Azalea is very spring-like. Love that hanky!

  2. Beautiful edging, I love the colour I saw in the market some azaleas flowering in that shade, so no wonder the colour has been given the name.
    A very lovely hanky

  3. so lovely. I need to try an edge today!

  4. You've done it again! Inspiring.

  5. your hankies are so lovely!

  6. Very Beautiful :-) Eager to see the rest of your WIPpings :-)

  7. I think finishing WIPs is an excellent resolution any time of year! I am inspired!


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