Friday 23 September 2011

Starry Starry Night...

I was inspired to re-do the five-point motif.  I made the picots longer and even added beads!

Tried this photo at an angle as we couldn't see the beads
in the first photo.  They're still hard to see!

In the centre ring and between the small rings on the outer edge...
Can you see them?

They sparkle nicely in the sunshine but couldn't capture it with my camera!

Adding a couple more photos... still trying to capture the sparkle!

This fuzzy one is probably the best at actually showing the beads!

Nope, not great, I give up.
You have to imagine how lovely and sparkly the beads are!

And in fact, if I do it again (might do to put in my Christmas cards),
I would put even more beads on this one, threading them first to be
able to add them in more places.

Best wishes,


  1. Pretty, but still cannot see more thin a tiny sparkle. Try it with a lamp overhead and set for photo, but not using a flash....
    Fox : )

  2. I've tried that Fox! Took about 25 photos with different settings but still couldn't get the beads to show their sparkle in the photo!

  3. : (

    Try a flashlight held close to the work, but behind the camera lens...

  4. Very pretty! My copy of the book arrived today, but I'm going to be good and finish my blue doily first.

  5. Thanks for the tips Fox, I've taken another series, holding the light at all sorts of different angles! I'm sitting here looking at it sparkling in the light, but it's like my camera just takes the sparkle away! So I'm posting a few more photos - are they any better? Can you see them now?

  6. Good for you Diane, I always find it very hard to be "good"! Look forward to seeing what you make from it.

  7. Oooh, I bet that looks awesome in person! :)

  8. it looks so pretty here it must look fantastic IRL!

  9. Beautiful, I can see the beads and it would look lovely on a christmas card.


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