Saturday, 3 September 2011

New Video

There was a discussion started over at In Tatters about how to close a motif when you have to join the first ring to the last one in a round.  I know there are a few videos available already but as I tried to explain how I did it with words, it seemed very hard to explain clearly.  So I thought I'd make a second video.

This is a technique that many will be familiar with but I personally always find it helpful to see things being done "live", so I hope it's of use to some of you.

Clicking on the picture will take you to the Youtube video.
I removed the embedded version as it was smaller and the annotations
were not appearing when viewing the video.
Best wishes,


  1. Lovely video. The economy of movement you have as you tat is a joy to behold!

  2. That's the way I do it! However, my movements are not nearly as smooth or as fast as yours. I love watching you tat!

  3. Thank you that was very helpful. I could watch you tat for hours.


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