Sunday 27 March 2011

Spring Bunnies!

I just posted this at In Tatters but I'm showing it here too.  I love spring!  The leaves are just about to burst out on the trees whilst others are in bloom.  The daffodils, crocuses, Christmas rose and fritillary are now flowering and bringing long-awaited colour in our garden.  With spring comes Easter.  And my Mother-in-law loves Easter.  So when I saw this bunny border, I knew I had to make it for her.  I've not found them yet, but the border will go on some serviettes (napkins).  Not sure what colour would go best with the border so hope I can find something nice.  Or else, I could always make some...

The variegated is Lizbeth "Spring Garden" which I thought would be just right for Easter bunnies.  I'm making the rabbits ever so slightly different instead of attempting to have them look all the same, more of a free style.

The pattern can be found here.

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  1. I've seen that pattern before, but never considered tatting it because it looked so bland. I like your touch of color, and now I'm interested in the pattern. I think it would look adorable on the hem of a little white sweater for one of my granddaughters. I wonder if I have time to tat enough for three sweaters? ; )

  2. I agree, it would look lovely for a little girl's sweater! The edging grows quite quickly, there's a few weeks left...

  3. That is adorable! Perfect for Easter napkins or a little girls sweater :)

  4. This is perfect for spring! I'm sure everybunny would love it!

  5. Very clever!

    I tried this pattern on some baby socks, but like Diane, found it bland because I didn't do anything interesting with it. Your quirky interpretation is really sweet!
    Fox : )

  6. I too saw this pattern on in tatters, and thought it was bland, but you have done a wonderful job and I love the colours you have used makes more of the pattern and it looks so cute.

  7. Your spring bunnies are so sweet!!! Great color choices!!! :)

  8. That's a very cute edging with bunnies! Oooh, I'm sure your MIL will love.

  9. Would love to have the pattern. Are you willing to share?
    It is so cute.

    1. Hi Susan, the pattern is provided in the link at the bottom of the post.


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