Thursday 17 March 2011

Blame it on Val

Here I was happily tatting away when Val came to visit my blog... so I went to have a look at Val's... and I saw the earrings she was making.  What a great beading technique.  So I had to investigate and of course I had to try it for myself.

So here is Piattine:

So not tatting... but still needlework!  And at least I'm showing it on a background of tatting (Mary Konior's Masquerade).  

Best wishes,


  1. Frivole, I totally understand your curiosity about the beaded cabochons! Your Piattine is beautiful! Great job! Now don't blame me if you get hooked... ;p

  2. Thanks Val. I really enjoyed making it and I love the technique - I certainly do have plans for more!

  3. ROFL Frivole! Ya have to watch that Valerie for sure!!! She has gotten me 'hooked' on a few things too, like making Teddies :) And now I am seriously considering giving beading a try again. I used to make a LOT of seed bead earrings. I burned out, when I made about 1,000 or so, in just about 6 months. I was beading an easy 14-16 hrs a day.

    LOVE your Cabochons!!!! Really beautiful bead uhm er, needle works :) And the tatting is very pretty too!

  4. Hi Connie,

    Yes, I've made a couple more since then but have not shown them here. It's a really great technique, not difficult but so effective!

    Wow, 1000 earrings! I'm assuming you were selling them. I'll go have a look at your blog, maybe you have a shop as well? No wonder you burned out! That's a problem of the internet, it enables you to easily see so many new things - and so many I want to try!

  5. LOL you won't find any of my earrings yet. I have a few pairs left over,(yep I sold them)but they are needing cleaned and I found some need beads replaced, because they discolored :(
    I had sold them all at the time through consignment shops, besides what hubby took to work with him, and he sold.

    Oh man, you aren't kidding about the internet. I'll have to research myself how do the cabochons. I have a few my father-in-law made when he had his rock shop.


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