Saturday 26 March 2011

Frakira and Fox

Not long ago, Frakira (at In Tatters) posted her new pattern she had designed on a tatting course.  I really liked the overall shape of it.  So it was in my "to-do" pile of papers.  The weather has been glorious recently here in the UK and the sun is shining again today and as I was tidying my tatting threads, I saw a ball of Lizbeth "Springtime".  So I thought I had to use it today to make something and it was Frakira's design.

Now, I have to say that actually this was the wrong choice of colour for this particular design.  The colours are pretty but there is too much contrast between each colour in the thread which is distracting for the eye.  It makes it more difficult to see how nice the medallion is.  It does deserve to be remade in a plain colour instead.

And then this reminded me of another pattern I had in my "to-do" pile:  Fox's Design called "Abigail".  I realised when I looked at them that they must have been from the same design course as the starting centre is the same.  I decided to try it in two shades of purple.  As in Frakira's design, I like the fact that the four sides are not the same, makes it more interesting.  My picots are quite small compared to Fox's and I think I prefer hers.  So if I was making it again, I would go for longer picots to fill in the empty spaces a bit more.

Both designs are lovely.  My only complaint is actually about the starting round which ends up like a hat (when I make it anyway!) and then needs to be flattened with pressing.  So I would make the chains longer on that starting round.  Otherwise, two very nice medallions.  

Now I wonder what they would look like repeated...

Best wishes,


  1. Both are very pretty motifs. I agree with you about the color. It is easier to see Fox's design with the two colors. Both of these are on my "to do" list. I'll keep your comments in mind when I try them out!

  2. Thank you for tatting my first attempt at designing! I am flattered and pleased.

    You are right: the chains should be longer. The whole thing resulted from the design course, where we were to begin with that centre which I should have changed when I then posted the pattern.

    I am not much of a designer, as I am lazy and STILL am not motivated to fix something that would be a real improvement if I did. Maybe, sometime, I should just add a few lines after the pattern... sometime... : ))

  3. Both look lovely and I agree the designs do call for either one colour and a thread with just two shades, any more and you lose the pattern, having said that you have done two lovely pieces of tatting

  4. J'aime beaucoup les deux ils sont super!!!!

    A bientot

  5. I tuoi lavori sono davvero molto belli

  6. pretty medallions. i'm not so into these but shd try tatting some for my fabric ATCs. :p

  7. Thank you very much!

    But what are fabric ATCs please?

  8. Love them both Frivole! I do think you are right though on the colors for the first one. I took this same course and compaired to these two designs, mine is tame!

  9. Would like to see yours Carolivy! Did you show it at "In Tatters"?

  10. Beautiful! Yet again as a Tatting beginner, I stare at these and wonder if I can do them. Love all your work and efforts. What do you do when you are done with them?

    1. Hi Beth, thank you for your comment. These shouldn't be difficult to make and are just combinations of simple rings and chains. Some motifs I give away or use to decorate cards but I must admit many are just piled up in my tatting box for now! :-)


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