Monday, 19 September 2011

Susanne Schwenke - Spitzen Kreationen

Thanks Fox for bringing Susanne Schwenke's little book to my attention, it arrived this morning and I'm very glad I purchased it.  Here is the first motif I have made from the book:

I like it but regret having done the centre in a darker colour.
Also, she must make her chains a bit looser than I do because the "petals" were
a bit tight and would have benefitted from a few extra stitches.

Here is a photo of the book, I will be making a few more things from it 
in the near future.  In fact I know where my Christmas snowflakes 
will come from this year!

On another note, I have an admission to make...  One that is upsetting me at the moment...  Remember Michelle's beautiful handkerchief?  Well, Creativa asked me how I was getting on with it and so I went in search of it (where I thought I had left it) and I can't find it!!!  That's what I get for taking my tatting with me everywhere.  I'm sure it is safe somewhere but I can't locate it just now.  So please send me some magic-hanky-re-appearing-vibes so that it turns up soon!  It's too beautiful and I wanted to continue work on it now that I have finished the one from Diane.  Thank you.

Best wishes,


  1. Oh, Frivole, I'm sending you lots of magic-hanky-re-appearing-vibes. Our house hides things too so I know the feeling.

  2. Oh nooo! You will find it , I am sure - look UNDER a book, or magazine...

    I love the book. I even now have the second one!

    Your rendition of the motif is wonderful. I too had to add some stitches. Yours looks so even and consistent... *sigh*
    Fox : )

  3. I am sure you will find it,
    Beautiful little motif, I think I must try and get this book,

  4. Jane, thanks, you made me laugh! Our house is not very big but it's amazing the number of things that can remain hidden in it!! It's because I'm so tidy of course! :-))

    Fox, I didn't know there was a second book... oh no! You're going to make me spend more money again! I think it's particularly nice that although the book is in German, there are translations at the back. Great idea.

  5. Hmmm, when my lace mysteriously goes missing I take it as a sign that something else requires my immediate attention. Try not to fret, it will appear.

    Your motif is quite attractively color-coordinated with your blog background. Pretty! Pretty!

  6. That is an elegant looking motif! :)

  7. I believe in the power of positive thinking! Please let us know when you find it. Oh, dear... now I think I might have to join the club and purchase that book. I wonder if I remember any German from college?

  8. Oh, no! Missing lace! and a present too...

    I am confident you will find it - as soon as you stop actively looking for it and are searching for something else ;-)

    I have recently lost my tiny, tiny, take everywhere tatting box (in fact, a lipstick holder case), with a clover shuttle and several hours worth of size 80 edging. I am quite sure it is not at home, though, as I had it after going out and could not find it before going back :-(

  9. Hi Frivole,
    We had a spate of things-going-missing here a while back. A Danish friend of mine suggested that it is naughty creatures called Nisse that take things and hide them but if you appease them by making a rice pudding the things reappear!! Well we did and it worked! but I think it was more the not-thinking-about-where-I-put-it-so-therefore-I-now-remember than the actual pudding that did the trick.
    I do have to ask though - how do you get your rings on the inner part of this first motif to sit so nicely side by side? Can never manage it and there are so many motifs I want to try!!

  10. Hi Liyarra,

    Must cook a rice pudding tonight then because the hanky has still not reappeared!!

    About the rings sitting side-by-side... you have to have just the right length of picot joining them: just long enough so that they're not on top of each other but not too long so that there is no gap between the rings. Is that what you meant? What do yours do?


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