Monday, 28 March 2011

Frakira's - Take Two

I did say this medallion deserved to be remade in a plain colour, so here it is.

I adjusted the stitch count to avoid the "hat effect" in the centre round but of course, that created other problems elsewhere so I would need to add a few stitches on the second round as well.  Changing the centre also altered the overall shape of the design making it more square.  I would like to keep the initial shape so some more thought required.  I made a complete hash of the split chain to link from the first to the second round (obviously more practice needed there!).  But I do like it, and I think I may have to make another three just to see what it looks like in a repeat of four...  It would need a few extra picots for joining but I think it would be interesting in a repeat pattern.

Best wishes,


  1. Oh, i like this variation! Nice! I'd love to see it as a four repeat piece.

  2. Very pretty in the one colour.
    Fox : )

  3. Yes I agree the plain colour looks a lot better, and I like the way you have changed it slightly. well done

  4. Me gusta mucho en la forma más cuadrada, y el color precioso

  5. Je l'aime beaucoup dans cette couleur et dans cette forme..

  6. It looks beautiful!
    I would love to try to make this motif, but the link to In tatters does not let me access to the pattern and I didn't find it in Craftree... Where can I find it?

    1. Hi Sara, were you a member of In Tatters before it became Craftree? If so, I think you can still log in to the old website and then search for Frakira or try the link from the 26th March 2011 post about this pattern. I don't know if she is still a member on Craftree. This was several years ago now but I think the data is still there on the old In Tatters website.

    2. Thank you, but no, I wasn't. I discoverd tatting 1 year ago!


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