Thursday 1 February 2024

Dewdrop Earrings

Thank you again for all your responses on my previous posts!  Now I've found them and know where I went wrong... and yes, it was all me!  Don't activate comment moderation and then forget about it is the lesson!  I've now de-activated it but I'm still getting spam so may have to re-instate it.  Hopefully when/if I do so again, I won't forget to go check my comments and approve them!

Thank you so much to all of you who write comments on my posts.  I really appreciate it and am relieved to know that people are still visiting.  Phew!

Here is a pair of Dewdrop earrings, pattern by Jane McLellan which you can find here.  Jane answered my post about her "go-to" pattern so I decided to make a pair.  Really lovely.  Could be made with variations and endless colour choices of course.  I see I'll be making some of these for friends too.

Don't look too closely as I slightly messed up the top ring where it joins to the finding but I know where I went wrong so the next pair will be better.  I like patterns like these where you can quickly whip up a pair, especially when you want to match an outfit for example or make a gift for a friend.

Best wishes,


  1. Oh, wonderful to see my pattern being used!

  2. Sehr hübsche Ohrringe. Danke fürs Zeigen

  3. You definitely have readership! I just tried to download Jane's cute pattern, and her bandwidth has already bee exceded for today! LOL I'll try again later. Thanks, Joelle and Jane!

  4. Whoops! That last comment was from me; didn't mean to be anonymous.

    1. Thanks Hallie! I had the same error message but you can view the pattern in her blogpost too so hopefully you can access it that way. :-)

  5. Terrific!! :)
    So glad you found your comments!!

  6. They are lovely and I can see you making more, thank for the link for the pattern, I think I will be making some too

  7. Hilary Cruttenden14 February 2024 at 00:42

    Thanks for this Joelle and Jane. A more simple, earring pattern. Definitely going in the pile of things to be tatted,


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