Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Beaded Earrings

These were gifts for one of my daughter's birthday.  She likes and wears many of my tatted earring designs but this time I made her some beaded earrings for a change.

The first pair was this one:

I really like the shape of these Arabella earrings

I chose colours quite similar to the first version she shows on her blog.

And as I was on a beading kick,
I decided to make her a second pair:

They are also by Linda Genaw and are called 

I really like how the colours turned out on these.
I think I'll have to make myself a pair!

Oh, and I also did make the bee from the previous post into another pair of earrings but I forgot to take a photo of them!

Best wishes,


  1. The first are very elegant!! :)
    The second are great!! :)

  2. Those peyote fans are stunning!

    1. Thanks Michelle, I often find it can be a bit hit and miss with all the colours for beading but I was pleased with how they turned out.

  3. Hübsch gemacht. Da wird sich ihre Tochter sehr freuen.
    Das erste Paar ist sehr elegant und das Zweite Paar gefällt mir auch sehr gut
    Danke für's Zeigen

  4. They are both lovely Joelle and I'm sure your daughter will love and treasure them.

  5. Beautiful beaded earrings, I am sure she will love these

  6. Very pretty ��

  7. Gorgeous! Both of these earrings have lovely shapes, but especially the Arabella.


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