Friday, 14 May 2021

More on Collar

 I'm now working on the penultimate round!  But here is the 7th round completed.

Now that I've completed rounds 6 & 7,
I can see that I would need to adjust where I start them
to have a better line on the edge:

It would be very difficult to have a straight edge all the way down due to the shape of the elements but I think I would consider not making the very first large ring of the 6th round.  So instead of starting with a large ring on that round, I would start with the small ring that is attached to the previous round.

I decided to practice my Inkscape skills and made two images to illustrate what I'm saying above.  First of all you could just remove the large ring, the chains above and below it and the chain to the right of the small flower and it would look like the image below (I've only amended the left side of the collar and left the other for better comparison).  In this case, I think I'd then find a way of attaching the small flower to the chain next to it somehow otherwise, it would move about too much.

Or you could also remove the small flower and chain just below it and replace it with a new chain that would join the ring of round 6 to the starting point of round 7 as in the image below.

Yes, I think the second would be my preferred solution.
What do you think?

Best wishes,


  1. So gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your “thought processes” as you have adapted the pattern. ( I really prefer your first Inkscape option - but both are wonderful!)

  2. Well, it looks amazing anyway, but yes, I think the second solution is best.

  3. I prefer the 2nd option as well - it reflects the outline/edge of the first trellis round. 💜💚💜

  4. Wonderful collar! I think the second solution is the best.

  5. Wonderful collar! I like the second picture, there's also the advantage that you don't have to cut the thread passing from the 6th to the 7th round.

    1. Thank you Ninetta, and yes, you're right, it's always good to be able to move from one round to the other without having to cut! :-)

  6. I love the collar in all of the versions - but your second option to straighten the edges is my favourite too... It, to my eye, has a natural flow to it that takes away any suspicion (if you don't already know) that it is a workaround not planned that way to start with. And it's clever! ;-)


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