Friday 19 March 2021

Started on Collar Version

I decided to start straight away on the open collar version of the Victorian Trellis Doily.  This time I'm doing the small rings as true rings instead of SCMRs.  It seems to me they sit a bit straighter than the SCMRs.  Also, unusually, I'm not reversing work to make them (you normally would after a chain) so I'm kind of "cheating" by not reversing work and still making the ring with the one shuttle (otherwise I'd have to have two shuttles) but it looks fine.

In the end, I chose classic white for the collar.

I was going to make a button loop at the beginning but the button I have fits nicely in the diamond shaped space at the start of the round.  I will add a button at the other end.  You can then choose to button it in any space to adjust size.

Best wishes,


  1. Beautiful, very classic look-looking forward to seeing it finished !

  2. Love the button hole idea. I am almost ready to make this collar ..just 4 more handkerchiefs to go before I can start. How many size 20 balls does this collar take?

    1. Hello Rita, it only takes one ball of Lizbeth size 20. :-)


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