Sunday 21 March 2021

Round One Complete, Moving on to Round Two

Making this design open, as a collar, means that you can conveniently move from the first round to the second without having to cut and tie.  I made more repeats as I thought it might be a bit tight as a collar to be worn over clothes so I tatted 40 repeats instead of 36 in the original pattern (it can still be buttoned smaller if desired).  I added a small natural shell / mother of pearl button on the chain after the small ring, then continued with another 4 Victorian Sets to bring me to the starting point of the second round.

I see now there's another change I need to make at the beginning of the first round so that I would be able to carry on with the third round continuously too.   I need to start the first round with the same extra chain I made at the end to get me to the starting point of the 2nd round; now I will need to add it at the end which means I will not be in the right place to start the 3rd round.  Always hard to describe tatting with words but I hope you get what I mean!  

Best wishes,


  1. It looks fabulous and will be a beautiful collar

  2. It's beautiful. After a quick look at the last post to remind me of how the rounds look, your explanation of adding the extra chain makes perfect sense, thank you. The collar will be stunning when it is finished.

  3. Ah, you’ll need to make a third one using all the lessons learnt! Looking fabulous.

  4. Exciting to watch the collar being tatting.

  5. Thank you for sharing your colllar in progress. Please please write down all the lessons you have learned and share it with us greatly appreciated. Can’t wait to start mine! Happy touting

    1. Hello Rita, yes, I'm trying my best to write everything down for both versions and I'll be happy to share! :-)


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