Saturday 27 October 2018

Snow Crystals

I don't have time to tat at the moment but as you can see, I'm still thinking of tatting.  Here is the design from the last post which I cut on the laser cutter.  I'm fond of this small design which was based on a real snowflake image.

Here's the real snowflake:

Here is Snow Crystal:

 And here's the Illustrator-drawn multiple version which I sent to the cutter:

As you may have noticed, I was keen to keep the slightly 'bobbly' edge that you get with the double stitch, so rather than drawing smooth lines, I added dots on the edge of the lines to better emulate the look of tatting, even though this meant it took longer to cut!

And here they are, cut out of plywood and out of acrylic,
before I finished peeling off the backing from the acrylic,
and also before I finished popping out all the little pieces.

And one more photo once I'd removed all the protective backing on both sides.

All icy, shiny, and sparkly!

I do like them.

Best wishes,


  1. A spectacular tribute to tatting and snowflakes!

  2. Wonderful pattern to cut your snowflakes from, They look beautiful well done on cutting them out in ply wood and acrylic a brilliant tribute to tatting

  3. Oh, those are stunning in acrylic!

  4. Amazing! Your tatted design is beautiful and looks very much like the original snowflake. And then, laser cut! I didn't know that was even possible to do. Your laser cut snowflakes look great. Wow!

  5. This is an amazing laser cutting technology, which you are already mastering! Wonderful snowflakes in wood and acrylic, created from your own tatting pattern, and even mimicking the 'bumps' of the stitches. Many uses for these snowflakes!

  6. Thanks you tatters, I always really appreciate your comments!

  7. I am enchanted by the plywood flakes. I love the change of texture yet it’s still your lovely design. Will you hang these somewhere?


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