Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Return from Travels

Oh, it was lovely to be away and spend time with my family and friends.  I hope you all also had a nice Easter?

I didn't do much tatting during my holiday but I was able to make one quick egg to decorate our Easter table and also to complete Renulek's spring doily.  I stopped at round 8 because my father liked it as was (and I was giving it to him) and didn't want it any bigger.  I managed to complete the last few repeats about two hours before my flight was due to depart!  I didn't get a chance to take my usual photos myself but here are a couple sent by my Dad.  The doily is on their dining table.

 My little Easter egg
where it ended up as a decoration
in one of the pot plants!

And here's the doily.
My father likes bright colours!

The photo below shows the 8th round
in the first colour I had tried which turned
out to be too dark and too "blue"
for my liking.

I cut that out and did the 8th round again in
a colour that better matched
the rest of the doily.

Renulek's spring doily has been popular and there were many examples of it being tatted (and still being tatted) all over the world!  I think that's great.

Best wishes,


  1. Your egg is very pretty!! :)
    Love your doily!!! Fabulous colors!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Egg are always fun to see and I liked the change you made to the doily it's great!

  3. Gorgeous! I like your color revision.

  4. Welcome home, I love your spring doily and beautiful choice of colours together, I still have not even started mine and it could be a while before I do, as I have not finished the last one, I will catch up at some point.
    Lovely egg decoration.

  5. delightful doily! I like your egg too.

  6. Welcome again home. The Easter decoration has well succeeded.
    The colours of the spring doily are wonderful. I work at the moment on the 10th round
    I have worked occasionally an Easter map with Occhi creatively.

  7. Dear Frivole, welcome back. It is nice to hear that your father loves tatting and has firm ideas about it. Your doily is great. We should be able to congratulate and thank Renulek for this design, that is beautiful in any color combination , and lays perfrctly flat, wherever it is made.

  8. Your doily is splendid! How wonderful that your father is able to display it and send you photos of it.

  9. Welcome back! I love the finished doily, and admire your patience to re-tat the final round - and I agree that the final colors are perfect! Renulek has a knack for creating lovely designs, and I imagine she is delighted with all the different color choices that everyone is coming up with!

    I am only now catching up on your recent posts, and I couldn't help notice the one about the interlocking rings! I believe you were away last year when I did a 2-part tutorial on tatting interlocking rings fairly easily with a shuttle. The tutorial is not too difficult to find, as I did only three posts in 2013! Just click on 2013 on my Archive list, and scroll down past the scarf slider post. I would be interested to see if you like this method. Interlocking rings are very easy for me to do now! You might find that you can go back to your shuttle for making the rings!

    1. Hi Kathy, I will look it up, thank you! (the interlocking rings with shuttle). I have tried it before but found it very fiddly but I don't know if it was your method or not.

  10. I really missed you! Welcome home. Your holiday tatting is very lovely, especially the colourful doily. Love it.
    Fox : )

  11. Beautiful! Your color scheme is nice, and it looks great with your plant! I, too, love how the Spring Doily has caught on...how fun for us all to share in this worldwide tatting "event"!

  12. Preciosos tus trabajos en vacaciones!! muy buen gusto al elegir los colores: FELICITACIONES!! Puedes decirme dónde encontrar el patrón? Pues tú sabes que en ARGENTINA, no se edita nada sobre encaje y tampoco, permiten la importación. Saludos con cariño: Pilar.

    1. Hola Pilar! The pattern for the doily is available for free online. It is designed by Renulek and can be found here on her blog (http://renulek.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/serwetka-wiosna-2014-rzad-12.html) if you want to look it up, it's her "spring doily". She has now started posting the rounds for her summer doily so you could tat along!


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