Saturday 20 October 2018

Acrylic & Velvet Qanik

As mentioned in the previous post, here are two versions of Qanik cut out of acrylic.  They look like they're made of ice, don't you think?

I did find that it takes nearly twice as long to cut the designs out of acrylic as it does out of wood.  The laser cutter has to go slower so that the plastic doesn't fuse back onto itself.  Also, the little pieces needed a lot more prizing out whereas with the wood, they just fell right out.

The last thing I tried in that first laser-cutting session was "engraving" Qanik on velvet.  This wasn't completely successful.  I only had time to cut the outline and the effect wasn't quite what I was looking for but I hope to get a chance to try again with different settings and with "engraving" the whole snowflake next time.

I've also drawn a smaller snowflake for the next session.

This is one of the ones I designed, inspired by a real snowflake.
I look forward to seeing it laser-cut.

Best wishes,


  1. The acrylic ones are very effective, they do look like ice.

  2. I love your acrylic ones, they have a look of being frozen,
    I like your new snowflake, a simple design but very effective as a snowflake

  3. Ooh, the velvet looks very promising! The acrylic ones are great, but I'd be very interested to see patterning fabric like this (though I've seen production made stuff like it).

    1. Yes, I do hope I'll get a chance to try that one again with different settings and perhaps another design. To be continued... :-)

  4. Wow, they are wonderful! When you were prizing out, was there danger of breaking the whole thing? Wouldn't a blanket with nearly cut out Qaniks be gorgeous?

  5. Fabulous!!!! :) Very unique!!! :)

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