Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Reveal: Anna's Doily

A short while ago, Karla started following my blog.  As is usually the case, I go have a look to see if new followers have a blog.  And she did.  On her blog, I saw this lovely doily - a square - and found it for sale in her Etsy shop.

So this is Anna's Doily by Karla Barraza.

Oh, just had a look again to get the link and I see now that there is a photo of the complete doily with the last two rounds.  Because the one I'm showing you here is only rounds 1-4.  I like squares though... and am not sure whether I want my lovely square to become a round!

I hear she will be publishing the last two rounds soon.

Here it is the other side on,
and on a dark background to better show it off.

I think this is Karla's first published design and I'm always happy to encourage other tatters.  I like her original design and interesting construction.

You have to pay attention when tatting this though as there are many changes of direction!

Best wishes,


  1. ...hmmm georgous it very much...
    happy tatting

  2. Wonderful design and a lovely square, very unusual design. It's nice to encourage tatters when they start to design, it's nice to have new designers coming up for the future.

  3. =O Yay! It came out so great =D Thanks!!!!

  4. It's very lovely!

    Where can we find Karla's blog?

    1. Hi Michelle, here is the link to Karla's blog:

      I'll go add it in the body of the post as well.

  5. Beautiful! Karla does lovely work, I'm glad she's making patterns available.

  6. Bellissima! After reading your post I went straight-away to Karla's Etsy shop and purchased a PDF of the doily pattern. I am especially charmed by how her corner points on the square rise up so gracefully. (A bit onion dome-like?) This one is a must-tat for me....though it will be awhile. Too many To Do's to do....LOL!

    Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern!

  7. A beautiful design indeed! Thanks for sharing.

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  9. Very pretty. The design is lovely, too!

  10. Is there any way I can purchase Anna’s Doily by Karla Barraza? Thank you. Sallie Pollock


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