Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Updated Pattern and Video (and more socks)

I made a few changes to the pattern - added an image of four squares joined together as well as one line of text on where to join if you're doing so.  I also added a link to the video in the pattern.  The link is now updated if you'd like to get a new copy:

I realised, after filming the video, that I hadn't mentioned making it with two shuttles so I added that in too.  So yes, you can make it with one shuttle but if you want to be quicker with your split ring and hiding the end, you can also wind the bit of loose thread on another shuttle which you will then get rid of at the start of the second round.

You can see the video here:

On another note, when I'm not tatting squares and medallions, I'm trying to complete a pair of socks for another birthday gift.  I do enjoy knitting socks!  There's something that really appeals to me about that lovely fine yarn and those small stitches...

The orange shade is hard to capture correctly on camera...
It's called "Mango".

I've now used this sock pattern three times I think.  It's called "Horseshoe Lace Socks" and it can be found here.  There are several pretty sock patterns on this lady's website.  This one is an easy lacy pattern repeat to remember.  The pattern is for a top down sock but I like to knit mine toe up.

Starting to feel a bit of sadness that summer is slowly drawing to a close.  Children will be back at school next week already.

I hope you enjoyed yours!

Best wishes,


  1. This is. Beautiful I will have to check out the link and I love the socks too💛🌻💛

  2. Thanks for the update. Those socks are right up my street, wonderful!

  3. Your square is wonderful!!! :)
    Beautiful socks!!! :)

  4. The squares look so pretty joined together. Oh, and I absolutely adore the socks! The stitches are really beautiful.

  5. Even your socks are lovely! Love the pattern and video, so fun to watch you tat and the technique s I pick up...wow!
    School, tell me about it. But yesterday was the first day of college for both my daughters so that was very exciting!

  6. Thank you for the updated pattern and video :) I love this motif joined together, and I also find it easier to complete that split ring with a shuttle. I don't knit, but I love the pattern for the socks. School is a non-issue for me these days, but I always liked the time of year when school started again - mostly because it meant we got back to somewhat of a routine!

  7. Thank you for sharing your updated pattern and video! I love the socks, and I am determined to spend some time knitting this winter. I'm back to school as well as a part-time supervisor. I am enjoying spending time at the school.

  8. Thank you for sharing your updated pattern, the square is in my to do list,

    Beautiful socks, great colour
    Hope the summer has not gone, I have a holiday coming up in Turkey so at least I can still wear my summer clothes for a bit longer.

  9. Thank you for posting your video here. I tatted along with you and was finally successful in hiding the very last thread with fishing line. Yay!
    I love your socks! Yes, socks are fun to knit.


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