Sunday, 19 August 2018

New Square/Diamond

I was exchanging emails with Cindy (who sent me the lovely tatting bag) and she said she had made the medallion... only to find out that that particular motif didn't feature on her own bag!  She sent me a photo of her bag and I discovered that although it didn't show the round medallion, it did however feature a nice little square or diamond that isn't on mine!

I had to set to work straight away to work out this new design because as we all know... I like squares!

Here's photo of the fabric of Cindy's bag with the square/diamond on it:

I decided to make the smallest rings as JKs because that's what I thought they looked like although as you can see the image is not really clear enough to see individual stitches on the fabric.  They could also be made as regular rings if you wish of course.  I did add two stitches to the largest rings on the corners so that they would stand out a bit farther than the rings on the sides to be able to join the corners if wishing to repeat the motif - though it's a detail, I'm not yet sure whether I prefer that version or the version without the extra stitches.  I also guess the original on the fabric would have been made in two rounds because all the central rings point to the centre whereas I decided to use one split ring to be able to make the motif in one round.  As you can see, this means that one ring is of a slightly different shape to the others but I can live with that if it means I can make the motif in one round.  I also thought of reversing the centre rings so that they all faced the other way...  I've still to make a sample to see what that would look like.

As a square:

And repeated:

They are not exactly the same as these were my samples and I was still
making changes as I was tatting.  But that still gives a good idea
of how the square would look like repeated.

I also tried a different arrangement:

That could be interesting too:  some of them as diamonds
and some of them as squares, combined.

Pattern for this one too?

Best wishes,


  1. I love these squares, I also love the arrangement at the bottom with diamonds and squares, that will make a very interesting design. I printed off the pattern for the last square this morning it’s now sitting for me to play with on my pile of to dos

  2. Awesome!!! they are lovely.

  3. I do love that little square! I can’t decide which repeated arrangement I like better - they are both great.

  4. Yes please, thank you! They are lovely as repeats!


  5. Ja, die sind sehr schön. kann man sie kombinieren?
    Wunderbare Anordnung

  6. Very clever of you! I like the fabric so much, I ordered some from Etsy. I will be tatting the motif you shared, of course! I love the layout on the bottom. I see a butterfly in the negative space. Do you?

  7. Yes, please! I would love to have the pattern for that square! You are so talented to be able to just look at a desgn and tat it. Love your work.

  8. beautiful.......................I love squares too :)

  9. Wonderful square!!! Looks like you did an amazing job re-creating it!!! :)
    I would love the pattern.

  10. Wonderful! Do you think the square and the previous motif could be combined?

  11. Oh I love these. A pattern for these would be greatly appreciated! <3

  12. I love your little square. I hope you share the pattern.

  13. Reminds me of the pink squares we all tatted!

  14. Oh yes, would you please write up the square? I see it as a bookmark, maybe! My fabric has both!

  15. Thank you for all your comments as always. Pattern coming up in the next blogpost!


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