Sunday 1 January 2017

A New Year

Here we are:  it's the 1st of January 2017.  Another year begins.  I wish you all a great New Year filled with exciting projects, happiness and creativity.

My first completed project is a pair of socks for my daughter - they are "Moose Parade", a free pattern by Drops Design.  They were meant to be for Christmas but I didn't quite manage to finish them on time.  I did complete another pair of red ones with nice cabling which made it under the Christmas tree but this pair took a little longer to knit.

I'm pleased with them and would make them again.  The colour is dark grey-green with a lighter contrasting grey (not really obvious from the photo).  The nice thing about colour work on these socks is that it makes for a thicker, warmer sock although it's knitted in fine wool:  carrying the wool behind give it double thickness.  And the moose were just too cute!

How about you, is your new year off to a good start?  What are your January projects?

Best wishes,


  1. I got those same socks from my mother a couple of years ago, and always wondered where she got the pattern :) Guess now I know! Thanks, and Happy New Year!!

  2. You can't go wrong with moose! The socks are lovely and I bet they are very warm as well.

  3. Wonderful socks! I've been looking at sock patterns, because I'm down to two pair of hand knit socks. They are my favorite!

    I'm still working on Ice Drops, and I'm exploring books that I have. I don't really have any projects in mind, but I will be doing some experimenting!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Love those socks!-- I'm not finishing anything (except cooking and the dishes), but I'm taking the time to work on projects in quilting, knitting, and anything else that pops up. (Maybe I should tat a few rings too.)

  5. Happy New Year to you!!! :)
    Great socks!! :)
    As for my January tatting try and finish last year's spring doily from Renulek, and to start a new challenge. :)

  6. Happy new year to you and your family
    Lovely socks, lovely pattern

  7. What cute moose socks, very talented. I'm working on some UFO's and the "monster doily".

  8. I love the socks! Do you work on double-pointed needles, or magic-loop circular?


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