Monday 31 October 2016

Look What I Found!

I was tidying some stuff away and found this edging - slightly crumpled in its bag - all completed and ready to sew onto the handkerchief! I'd even started to crochet a border around the hanky to attach the lace to... and I'd completely forgotten about it!

It shouldn't take too long to get that finished.  A nice surprise.

I've done the draw and the random generator gave me numbers 3, 35, 27, 13, and 6.  If people are trying to count to see that I'm right, I've not counted Muskaan's second comment but counted the anonymous comment that was below hers.

So I am sending the pattern to Bernice, Johanna, Christina, Bozena, and God's Kid.  If you have an email address attached to your blogger account (the account you used to write your comment) I will send it to that address.  If not, can you please contact me with your email so I can send you the pattern.

Thank you very much for all your contributions with the names, some great ones in there but there were also quite a few votes for "Crystal Star" so I may keep it.  Your suggestions are really appreciated and could well be used on the next design!  I already have some ideas which I hope I'll be able to turn into workable motifs (but to find the time as always!).

Muskaan, I'd already used "Stellar" for one of my free patterns but I did like that one; "Twinkle" was also used for another free pattern but I also really liked Alpha, Rising Star, Starlight, and Crystalline Star.  So again, many thanks for your lovely suggestions.

And to finish,
to those who celebrate it.

My favourite thing is always the carved pumpkins...

Best wishes,


  1. How could you forget that edging? It's beautiful!!!

    Your pumpkins are outstanding!

  2. That edging is gorgeous and really going to make that hanky look extra beautiful!!! :)

  3. Oh what wonderful surprises, those colors are lovely.

  4. What a happy find! And congratulations to all of you who won the draw!

  5. Congratulations to the winners. Ooh, bonus find, I look forward to seeing the finished hankie.

  6. What a lovely find, I look forward to seeing the hanky when you finish it.
    Congratulations to the winners

  7. A very nice edge point. Please me already about the completion.
    Thanks for the profit pattern Crystal Star. It is the first time that I have won a little bit.
    I am glad very much. A very nice pumpkin photo

  8. The edging is in the book off Anne Orr It is her design and the name is :
    It is on page 25 of her book Tatting with Anne Orr
    a reprint
    Copyright 1989 by Dover Publications, Inc.

    1. I never said it was my invention Riet. I'm not even sure it's Ann Orr's either. This edging can be found in many vintage publications.

  9. Reit's comment is once again mean-spirited and should be removed. She has attacked and wrongly accused you before and should keep her nasty, incorrect comments to herself... I'm sick of this pettiness.

    It's a beautiful border! Finish it!


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