Tuesday, 11 October 2016

And the Random Number Generator Says...

And number 31 is...  Beth!  Please contact me with your information so I can send you the shuttle.

Thank you to everyone for all your comments on the previous post, I didn't reply to comments to make it easier to count when it came to the draw!  I particularly liked Andrea's poetic one.  To Jane, I will talk about how to make the centre with crystals soon.  Michelle asked how long it takes to make the star snowflake... I will try to time it when I next make one but I would say 1.5 hours?  A very approximate guess but I will try to confirm soon.  To Muskaan, yes, there are stitches between the beads on the sample I showed in the previous blogpost but the new method looks different.  I'll post a photo soon.  Happy Dogma:  thank you!  You reminded me how much I like apple butter!  I think I'll have a go at making some.  Ancolie: Paris n'est pas loin du tout!  :-)

Again, thank you to all who contribute to this blog with their comments.  It's always lovely to read you all.

Best wishes,


  1. Congratulations, Beth! Enjoy your new shuttle!

  2. Congratulations to Beth enjoy your shuttle

  3. Felicidades a la ganadora.Besos.

  4. Is that your own picture? What a stunning display of autumnal color! 1.5? That's reasonable...

  5. Ooh! Lucky me. A new shuttle to inspire me!

  6. Congrats, Beth :-)
    Curiosity will kill this cat, you know, dear Frivole ;-p

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