Monday, 5 September 2016

Shark Attack!

Still very much enjoying crochet as well as tatting at the moment.  I have several (yes! several!) blankets in the making and then a couple of days ago I made this shark pencil case for a young person's birthday.  And now my own children have seen it, they want one too!

I think he's rather neat.  I chose a red zipper to close his mouth and his teeth are made of white felt.  The body is crocheted in one piece and then the dorsal and pectoral fins are added after.  My son wants a whale version of him (I will make it without teeth, a much smaller dorsal fin and the tail on the horizontal instead of the vertical)... and my daughter wants a narwhal!  So now I need to figure out how to add that tusk!

Best wishes,


  1. Der Hai gefällt mir sehr gut! Schön gemacht!

  2. What a fun pencil case! Can't wait to see the others, especially the narwhal!

  3. Great pencil case! Wow, you'll have a whole school by the time you're through.

  4. Adorable!

    I don't crochet, but I could definitely see a market for that pattern (and variations) if you wrote it up.

    1. Thanks Sarah, it's a great pattern and I'm afraid I can't claim it! If you click on the link in the text, you will be taken to the original pattern by Tamara Kelly. :-)

  5. Very cute! I almost wish I could go back to school! ;-)

  6. Muy lindo y divertido. BESOS


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