Wednesday, 7 September 2016

December Motif... in September!

A lady contacted me recently from Poland.   She wanted to know if she could use my "December Motif" (see pattern page) for an online tatting class.  I agreed and she did a nice job of presenting the pattern with really clear photos.  I like her version with large pearls and I also like her version where she replaced the beads with a small ring and picots.

Another lady contacted me shortly after, asking about the same motif to add it to their tatting members' newsletter.

This inspired me to tat it again and as I had last played with Swarovski crystals for Bentley, I decided to make it with crystals and matching blue seed beads for the tips.

December Motif

This is a quick pattern to make and I think it looks effective with beads and adds extra sparkle for use as an ornament.

I still like to use a sparkly filament added to the cotton thread, particularly nice when making "snowflakes" (I made a blogpost about this and here as well).  It's always hard to photograph but hopefully you can see it in the blurry photo below (on the right-hand side).

I thought I'd also try Anetta's version with rings instead of beads so if you're not a fan of using beads in tatting, this is what the motif looks like without.  I'm going to play a bit more with placement of picots as I'm not totally happy with this version but it does show how easily a pattern can be adapted and many variations made from the same design.

Also in the beadless version above, I used mock rings (a chain joined back at its starting point) instead of thrown rings to see how that would look.  A thrown ring looks more "delicate", hanging on by two threads so to speak, whereas the mock rings look more... "sturdy"?  It's different and I like both.

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  1. It's a lovely motif with a lot of possibilities. I like the beads myself, but I can see uses where beads wouldn't be appropriate, so it's good to know it can by made without beads too.

  2. Lovely snowflake, I like to use beads on some and plain with others, yours with the blue beads is beautiful

  3. Really great snowflakes!!! :)
    I love the blue beads on the white thread!!! :)

  4. Great snowflakes!Thank you for your pattern:)

  5. Both versions are really pretty. I love using beads, but find that I must have the time to tat in a good place for handling the beads. Since much of my tatting is on-the-go, I don't use beads as often as I'd like.

  6. I love this pattern and look forward to trying it with the modifications and filament. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Perfect snowflakes and love the blue beads :)

  8. Really pretty, blue beads and nice interpretation by the other artists!

  9. The neat thing about tatting is that it allows for 'variations on a theme', and the addition of beads gives another other 'dimension' and sparkle. Thanks so much for the original pattern! I like the idea of the mock rings, too.

    I also noted among your free patterns, so generously shared with us, the interlocking rings pattern (a favorite subject of mine). I love the look of the Rose and Crown. In the pattern, you state that you feel more comfortable tatting the IRs with a needle, but I wish to reassure you that they are quite easy with the shuttle. (In fact, it might shock you how easy it is!) I wrote a tutorial in my blog on March 29, 2012 (just type 'interlocking' in my search box and scroll down the page). I'm sure you will see right away that the rings are quite easy. The last ring is the fiddly one, but you might wish to needle tat it instead! Or do a chain as for a 'mock ring'.

    I continue to be impressed by the variety of your needlework skills and how quickly you finish your projects. I am not very active with my crafts these days, but I check the blogs every day!


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