Sunday 24 January 2016

"Winky" Heart

I'm calling it like that because it is tatted in an AlenAleaDesign shade called "Wink".  I realised after tatting the last heart that I was working from an old version of the pattern, and not the one that is in my shop.  But after tatting both, I'm wondering now if I don't prefer the blue version...  It's taller whereas this one is wider.

I'm not completely satisfied with this design if I'm honest.  I like the heart in the centre... but it's the negative spaces around it that I'm less happy with.  Maybe it needs reworking.  Or maybe I could make a new one altogether?  Yes, that would be nice.  Now, to find the time though!  :-)

Best wishes,


  1. I like them both but maybe the wider one just slightly? Great name!

  2. I like them both, but I'm always open to seeing new patterns!

  3. Both hearts are pretty !
    I love the stylistic heart within. But was struck by a thought - if you don't reverse on either side of the bottom trefoil, the chains will form another 'heart-shaped' heart ! Of course, it may become a bit cramped along the edges & require stitch adjustments :-(
    As for negative space, you can get yet another heart 'silhouette' by adding a tiny Josephine Ring/Knot in the center of the 2 top rings ?

    1. Good suggestions Muskaan, I'll try the first... but I'm not sure I "get" the second!

  4. They're both pretty. I like the top one just a bit better, it's cute!

  5. I like both and I like the middle with a little openness,

  6. Oh good, I'm glad that out of the few comments, the top version gets the most votes since it's the one I had as my final version. :-)

  7. Both look wonderful!!! :) I think color makes a difference in look too!! And I like the negative space to accentuate the heart in the center! :)

  8. I prefer the bottom one, just because it is a little bit more heart like. The other one is rounder somehow.

  9. Both hearts are very pretty. I prefer the shape of the blue heart - it's a little taller, not so 'round.' Why not include both versions - perhaps the 'rounder' one could be a 'variation' of the original pattern?

  10. I bought this pattern but haven't tried it yet. Need to get in gear--Valentine's is close--but I've been sick. I love that Wink colorway! May have to try some.


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