Thursday 21 January 2016

Blue Heart

A lady contacted me recently because she was having some difficulties with this heart pattern.  It's funny but sometimes I just can't visualise all the twists and turns of a design in my head, just reading the pattern, and I have to tat it to make it clear.  It was the case with this one because she wanted to know which shuttle to use for particular elements and I couldn't work it out without tatting it.

So here it is.  I'd not tatted this heart for a long time so it's always nice to re-visit designs.  I even found a couple of things to correct in the pattern so it was time well spent.

I do rather like the smaller heart inside...  
a heart at the heart of the heart!  

Best wishes,


  1. Is it time to tat hearts again? Where does the time go? The pattern looks lovely in blue!

    1. Do you mean... because it's February next month?? I hadn't even thought of that actually, it was really because someone contacted me for help with this pattern... but I suppose the timing is good! :-)

  2. Beautiful heart, a pattern I don't know but it's a very elegant heart, like it

  3. Ooh I love this heart and remember it fondly. It is on my tatting To Do list, so thank you for giving me enough time to revive my pattern (I believe I have it saved in one of my tatting pattern folders...if not, time to buy it toute suite!)


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