Friday 13 March 2015

Spring Flowers & Stawasz Tatting

Out shopping with my daughter yesterday, we spotted this very pretty version of grape hyacinth (Muscari).  I have the darker purpley blue ones in my garden but we both though this pale blue version with frilly edges was lovely.  I bought a pot for our garden and one for my mother-in-law.

It's resting on one of my favourite small mats,
a design by Jan Stawasz

I like to see the gradation of colour
as the flowers open…

I'm still only making very slow progress on this other Jan Stawasz piece.  The way I attached the individual motifs on the diagonal rather than square means I'd have to add quite a few to get to the right shape, if I decided to go with the same orientation as the original, before I can make a border.  

I was not actually planning to make this as big as the one in the book.  So I may carry on with it orientated the other way and improvise slightly for the border.  In the above photo, the small motifs are square to the border.  The way I was making it, the small motifs are diamonds.  I think it might work anyway.  

I think I'll make the next round of larger, eight-sided motifs and then re-assess the situation.  Even then it will work out fairly big I think.

I particularly like the big medallions in this.

Lastly, I'm sad to report that the sleeve of my red crochet cardigan IS NOT WORKING OUT!!  (can you tell I'm getting a bit frustrated with it?)  Still, I have been wearing it sleeveless and it's quite nice that way too.  But I do want it with sleeves.  I'll get there eventually.

Best wishes,


  1. Does it really need a border? Sorry about the sleeve! After all the work you've put into it, you must be very disappointed.

    1. Mmmm, yes, I think a border would finish it off nicely. You like it just like that? Without one? And the sleeve? Well, it's just a little set-back, I'll get there eventually. :-)

  2. Your mat in progress is very beautiful already!!! :)

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  4. Schade,dass die Ärmel nicht so funktionieren, wie gewünscht.
    Die Hyazinten sind in der Farbe sehr hübsch.
    Die Decke von Jan Stawasz ist schön gewachsen. Bin auf die fertige Größe gespannt.

  5. Don't know where to begin the flowers are beautiful on your mat and all your other work looks so good and I am impressed you have been busy! Wow!

  6. Pretty flowers on that pretty green mat! Sorry about your cardi. Good luck with it!

  7. Both your Jan Stawasz pieces are gorgeous! The grape hyacinth is so pretty!

  8. Lovely picture of the blue flower on the green doily. Have you asked for help with your sleeve on a crochet group on Ravelry? - there's always someone there who will know what to do.

  9. Your tatting is always so beautiful! I love seeing your Jan Stawasz pieces. I'm sorry you're having trouble with the sleeve, but you seem to be the type of person who will persevere and achieve your goal. I'm confident that you will find a solution!

  10. Sorry you are having problems with the sleeve, how about a plain sleeve rather than a pattern one.
    Your mat is looking lovely his patterns always look lovely when finished, I am sure you will work out the pattern to the length you need.
    At least spring has arrive even if it is cold.


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