Monday, 1 December 2014

More on Minuet

Oh my, time is flying by!  Already the 1st of December, can you believe it?

Here a bit more on Minet (2014 version).  I tried it without beads.  I kept the same length of picots where the three beads were and in this version I have pinned them so they have a sharper angle but you could leave them soft and rounded too.  I also just made a picot on the inner round instead of the JKs.  Here it is in pale blue and ivory.

And here's a "Candy Cane" version.
This time I added a bead where the JKs were on the first round.
These are silver lined beads and I like the sparkle
they add to the snowflake.
Looks pretty glinting on the tree…

You can't see the sparkle on the scan
but it does look pretty IRL.

And now I'm not sure which I like best anymore!  Funnily enough, I look back at the first, gold version and I like it too!

How are you getting on with your Christmas tatting?  I need to get me skates on now if I want to tat a few of these to put in my Christmas cards!

I played my first Christmas carols on the piano this morning.  For me it's always the 1st of December when I truly start thinking of Christmas and getting into the spirit and I love getting the books out and playing the very first carol on the 1st day of December.

Best wishes,


  1. Hallo Joelle,
    danke fürs zeigen der wunderschönen Sterne. Mir gefällt besonders der rote und lila Stern sehr gut. Wieder ein sehr schönes Muster.Gibt es davon bald ein Muster?

  2. Your snowflakes are so awesome!!!! :) They all have a very royal look to them!! :)

  3. Really love the revised version of this snowflake. I think the candy cane one is my favorite.

  4. I like them all but my favorite now is without beads soooo pretty!

  5. I think I like this version the best.... I really like the joining picot without the beads too.... I didn't think I would, but they are both great! and I love the bit of sparkle the bead between the lock chains adds! :)

  6. Well , Minuet has had a lot of lovely PR now!! Strangely, the red version looks like a different pattern!

  7. I love the red version, looks a lovely pattern,
    Well done

  8. Your work is so effortlessly elegant. *le.sigh* Every snowflake is lovely and how could you NOT love them all?

  9. Well, no two snowflakes are alike, are they?

    When you first posted the gold one, I did feel the rings looked a little crowded, so the smaller rings on the purple one were definitely an improvement. I was skeptical when you talked about getting rid of the jk's on the inside-- there definitely needs to be something there. But at the same time, I did think the jk's were a little large for the space. So your current plan of putting a bead there is perfect-- it gives it just the little "oomph" it needs without being too big, and of course the added sparkle is always a plus. It has been fascinating watching the snowflake develop, and I think the version you have now is perfect.

    The beadless version is also pretty for if you don't have the right beads handy, but a little sparkle always makes a snowflake better, I think.

    Don't change another thing!

    1. Thank you very much for your nice comment Miranda!

  10. Thank you to everyone for your kind comments! It always means a lot to me to read people's opinions.

    Now I need to find some time to write this new version!

  11. I'm loving it! Especially the red and white.

  12. Is the pattern for sale? It's so beautiful, I'm sure many would like to buy it.

    1. Thank you Dawn. I actually never got around to writing up this version properly but now that you have brought it back to my attention, I might just do that


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