Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Revised Minuet and More Knitting

I've worked some more on Minuet.  I basically kept the same idea but played with rings sizes and joins to try to get a better fit.  It does lay flat now.  I also changed my threads so that the inside rings on the outside round are gold.  I kept the three-bead join and added another small delica gold bead on the join between small and large rings.

I'll try it without beads too as I realise that not everyone likes to work with beads (or has some to hand) so it's nice if patterns can be worked either way.

I may also try removing the inside JKs on the first round to see if it looks better with more space under the lock chains.  Perhaps I'll tat it in more "snowflaky" colours next time too.

As for the knitting, I have started on the back lace panel.  That's the part that most appealed to me about this pattern.  I look forward to showing you when it's done.

Here are the two fronts and one sleeve which are now completed.

This knitting project is interesting because it has led me to re-examine the way I knit.  Moss stitch (K1P1) is time-consuming so I've explored different ways to knit and hold the yarn as I mentioned in previous posts.  

Megan's comment got me to try Portuguese knitting which I enjoy (best for purling).  Searching for something to use to hook my wool, I looked in my very old Singer treadle machine's drawers and found this:

Amazingly, it appears I was already the owner of a knitting pin which I promptly put to use.  If someone thinks this is something else and not a knitting pin, I'd be delighted to hear from you.  

Then this week, I received some modern knitting pins from Megan.
Aren't people wonderful?
Thank you!

I have one pinned to my cardigan and as soon as I finish writing this, I shall be knitting a few more rows on my lace panel.

Best wishes,


  1. Oooooh, purple and gold. Love it! I want the new pattern!

    The sweater is lovely. The lace is gorgeous. :)

    1. Thank you so much Grace! I'll work on writing up the new version. Just doing another version now to try without beads.

  2. Love this version and your constant striving for perfection! All of your patterns are fabulous!

  3. Love your tatting and knitting and those pins should be on some kind antiques show where people guess what it is :) I have not ever seen pins like that!

  4. I love minuet 's new outfit!!he a very trendy boy now. Perhaps the beads need to be in another color.
    Is that gorgeous blue wool merino?
    I find that incredibly warm and cosy.
    A portugese person once told me that they are better at knitting than us. Offended, i did not say anything anymore. I should have listened to her!!

    1. Yes, it's lovely merino, a beautiful wool to work with. I wouldn't say that Portuguese is "better"… just different. Like tatting, everyone needs to find what suits them. :-)

  5. Your snowflake is awesome!!! :)
    Very nice knitting!! :)

  6. I've just been browsing through the various versions of the Minuet & now you've got another great one ! Subtle changes can alter appearances so much. This 2-colour version does highlight the various features much more.

    I was elated to see your knit lace. I think it is the same pattern I used in my knit blouse earlier this year (& the colour is almost similar too). I do love this pattern & in order to highlight the 'waves' it creates, I added white to contrast ...

    1. Hi Muskaan, yes, you're right, very similar colour in our knitting! The lace pattern is similar too but not quite the same. I like yours very much. My lace panel will end up being gathered at the top so you won't see it as well as the one in your top. Are you wearing it?

    2. I've actually knitted socks in the past with the pattern you used for your top.

    3. Yes, Frivole, I am wearing that knit blouse with a sari. I wear such hand knit blouses instead of fabric ones during winters .... knit them myself coz these are much more warm And sleeveless - customized to my liking ;-)

      It is a lovely lacy pattern, that socks, scarves, etc. would all look good, right !

  7. Hmm, I'll have to find out more about Portuguese knitting, that pin looks intriguing. Love the lace, knitted and tatted.

  8. Love the updated pattern, like grace i too would love to try the pattern. Your patterns are always great.
    Like Jane I will have to find out more about Portuguese knitting, which I have not tried, your lace back looks lovely, I love knitting lace with knitting lace mats and tablecloths.

  9. I love this snowflake! Wonderful design!

    As for knitting, I find it easy to do the purl stitch in Continental, but I can understand why it seems awkward. Even Elizabeth Zimmerman found it awkward and avoided purling by knitting stockinette in the round!

    Some have solved the purl stitch problem by knitting all stitches in the back of the stitch, which makes the purl stitch easier to do (but when instructions say specifically to 'knit in the back of the stitch', I'm not sure how they interpret that!) This is called 'combined' knitting, or 'Russian' knitting'. or 'Eastern knitting'. It seems to be little known, but there are videos on the internet. ( I'm always amazed at the confusion about knitting in general when viewing comments on videos!_ The knitter on the video claims that Miriam Tegels (world's fastest knitter) knits this way, and although Miriam is shown on videos, there are no close-ups of her hands to prove exactly what she is doing. I do think she is knitting 'Eastern' style. Why is this a secret?

    When I broke both of my wrists (at the same time) while ice skating in 2002 (age 58), I learned the hard way how much we take for granted the many muscles involved in making even the simplest of moves. I couldn't knit the English way or the Continental way! I could barely even hold the needles! Tatting was out of the question! Thankfully I have fully recovered, although I did have a temporary setback when for unknown reasons in 2007 I had a bout of arthritis for a few months, which fortunately abated, but I don't do 'marathon' knitting or tatting sessions anymore, trying to avoid repetitive strain.

    I had never heard of Portuguese knitting, so checked it out on videos! Goes to prove that there are as many ways to knit as there are to tat!


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