Saturday, 6 September 2014

Still working at it

I've continued playing with the earring design (one of them anyway).  As you can see, I've made lots of samples with tiny variations on each.  One problem is how to attach the findings for best movement, positioning, finishing of the item, etc.  Should I make a tatted loop or attach a ring into the tatting?  I'm trying different options.

I'm happy with the solution I've found to tat with the pearls in a circle in the middle - that's a winner and something I will no doubt use again in future designs.  I tried the earrings with a trefoil at the bottom and without.  I decided I like both versions.

This morning I received more of the little pearls I'm using in this design so tatted yet another earring in colours for a friend (she loves olive green) and I think the new bronze pearls I got look nice and blend in better with the green.  I decided to make two rows around the pearls in this one and I like that too.  Now I'm trying different ways of treating the trefoil to give it more stability.

The cream pair I've been wearing yesterday and today.

I'm making progress on this and enjoying the process.

And the last question, which you may help answering, is whether to stiffen or not stiffen earrings.  What do you think?  Those of you who make tatted jewellery, do you prefer tatting in its natural state or do you like to help it a bit to keep its shape when worn by stiffening it?

Just adding beads in the centre of this design already does give the lace more weight and stability which helps keep the earrings into shape when worn.  But I still always wonder about stiffening.

Look forward to your answers!

Best wishes,


  1. Hmm, I love that green one on the bottom. I wear tatted earrings almost every day.
    They are made by you, me or by Marilee Rockley.
    Personally , I think it is useless to stiffen them, since starch dissapears quickly with moisture from the air or perspiration, and glue gives them an odd appearance.
    I wash mine carefully now and then, and steam iron them under a towel.

  2. Those are all very beautiful and quite elegant!!! :)

  3. Hello,
    Your tatting is beautiful.
    I was wondering about a circle tatted in a circle. That way the earring has more weight and added dimension.
    Although that might make a too much weight issue. It's fun following your process.
    Bye, Robin

  4. I love your earrings! I so wish I could wear them. I like the way the pearls look in the center. I would not stiffen them, mainly because I've never been happy with my stiffening results. I think the circle of pearls adds enough stability. I've also tried adding the metal rings in a variety of ways. So far, my favorite method is to add them as I'm tatting.


  5. Definitely appealing design(s)! I particularly like the cream pair with the cloverleaf at the bottom. Would be perfect for a bride!

    The earrings I wear with my costumes are made from DMC gold or silver thread (on a spool), equivalent to size 30. I glued on an oval shaped rhinestone in the center (the earrings are oblong), and that keeps the metallic lace stable. I don't stiffen this metallic thread, as it dulls down the shine. However, I did lightly stiffen a white-thread pair of earrings (made with Cebelia size 30, many years ago, same pattern as the metallic, without picots, and with a pearl in the center), and I like the way they hold their shape. I try not to touch them too much, to keep them from getting soiled.

  6. So many possibilities! I haven't stiffened mine, but sometimes they end up looking a bit scruffy. I might follow Tally Tatty's advice. Beads do add a nice bit of weight.

  7. I agree with tally I wash mine and blog them to dry, fabric odd for jewelry but so beautiful, I love all the different kinds you have made, you can never go wrong with pearls!

  8. J'adore!!!!! C'est vraiment joli!!!!!! Avec quelles grosseurs de fil travailles-tu???


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