Sunday 28 September 2014

Ice Dance

Were you wondering where I'd gone?  Nearly two weeks since I last posted, that's too long, isn't it?  I've just been busy mostly tatting lots of earrings really so didn't want to keep boring you with more of the same.

But today I have something new to show you.  It is Robin Perfetti's latest offering and it is called Ice Dance.  Robin has taken the plunge and opened an Etsy shop where you can find this pattern.  I have enjoyed all of her designs so far and wish her all the best in her new venture.

This pattern does require some concentration
as there are a lot of directional changes!

We're enjoying some lovely, sunny, warm weather here in the UK though the leaves have started to change colour.  I'm making the most of it before it turns cold!

Best wishes,


  1. Cool! Thanks for the heads-up! : ))

  2. It's beautiful and interesting too!

  3. Very beautiful and lovely pattern, I really live her last design so I am off to find this pattern
    Yes since we got back from Kos the weather has been so mild, just cooler I hope it keeps up for a while so I can get the garden ready for the winter.

  4. Es un lindo diseño y muy bien ejecutado.Besos.

  5. Vielen Dank. Ich habe mir gleich das Muster besorgt. Es ist sehr schön.

  6. That snowflake is fabulous!!! :)

  7. Wonderful design, beautifully tatted, as usual! Robin is becoming an amazing designer! She has come so far so fast, it makes my head spin, tatting for only two years! She quickly ventured into 'advanced tatting techniques' and is even using size 100 thread on the Jan Stawasz doily. And she is generously sharing with us her expertise using this amazing computer software. Wouldn't the pioneering tatters from the past be astounded at these developments? I can't quite believe it, myself!

  8. Very nice. My head is spinning with the idea that it's time for Christmas tatting.


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