Saturday 7 December 2013

Star Evolution

I've had this little star design in my pattern book for some time (last year I think).  I got it back out thinking this was the time for stars.  In fact, it had six sides when I started but I thought it would make a better star so I modified it to have five points instead.

Then I started playing with the design and I ended up with this:

Not at all like what I started with, is it?
Interesting sometimes, how designs evolve...

Now I'm thinking this second design would be better as a snowflake so I'd like it to have six sides!  Done in one pass (of course) and I made it so that the threads end up at one of the points when you're finished so you can use the ends as a hanging loop and no need to hide them.  Perfect.  But, if you were wanting it as a six-sided motif, then would it look better if the threads finished between two "arms" or at the tip of one again?

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  1. I like both designs as stars; I'm sure they would both make lovely snowflakes as well.

    I generally prefer my snowflakes hanging from one point, but I suppose variety is nice. I think if a person wanted it one way or another, it would be easy enough to just start at a different place.

    1. Of course, you're right Miranda. As soon as I tried one hanging between the points, I realised it's much better hanging from the point. I've now made one with six sides. I like it.

  2. Beautiful as always! I agree about having the threads end on a point.

  3. It's very much like your snowflake of last year with the doodad, Which I made this week and is on my blog today as today's snowflake in my count down to Christmas.
    I like these snowflakes too.

    1. Mmmm, yes you're right… definitely some similarities. My mind is wandering back where it's been before. But it's a simpler design, no ornament, no SCMRs. It's an easy, little snowflake.

  4. Ohhh!!!! Je les aime beaucoup elles sont magnifiques!!!!
    Les deux façons sont superbes!!!


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