Friday, 26 July 2013

Record Time Edging

I even surprised myself by how quickly I finished this!  And that includes at least 6-8 times where I got it wrong (it was getting ridiculous), had to cut and re-start.  For some strange reason, I kept forgetting to do the bottom large rings in pairs!  I don't know, I think I had a mental block about it.  So in spite of that, this edging did work up pretty fast.

As well as adding blue to the spray, I decided to do a yellow pin stitch around the edge of the handkerchief before attaching the lace.  I thought it would pull it all together more.

Yep, I'm happy with that.

Best wishes,


  1. very beautiful! precision work. I wish you many more such good ideas

  2. You should be happy! It's gorgeous!

  3. That looks beautiful! I love the yellow and blue together. Well done. :)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the pin stitch accent!

  5. That is really beautiful...just the right have an incredible eye for the perfect detail!

  6. Śliczny wzór. Piękny efekt.
    Pozdrawiam :-)

  7. Perfect, well done, a very beautiful hanky.

  8. The edging is beautiful! I really like the yellow you added around the border - yellow and blue are such a summer color in my opinion:)

  9. Oh wow really nice and great photography too! just lovely will look good hanging out of the back pocket of blue jeans :)

  10. This looks so pretty !
    I do have a question, though. What is "pin stitch"? I tried viewing a close-up, but can't really tell. Part of it looks like an open blanket stitch.

  11. Pin-stitching can be done by hand or by machine and it's where you go through the same holes a couple times and tighten your thread a bit so that it makes a nice row of littles decorative holes around the edge of your fabric.

    1. Thank you :-)
      Your stitches are Perfect !!!

  12. It gorgeous, do you mind me asking what pattern it is?


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