Friday 5 July 2013

Crafter's Motif

I was going to call this "Middia's Motif - Take Two"... but in fact, I find that Occasional Crafter's version is so different as to be practically a new motif altogether!

This wouldn't have closed at all after only six repeats so the eight were necessary.  I unfortunately made a mess of the last SCMR but hopefully it's not overly obvious!

I also added a couple of stitches to the chains to give the motif a bit more "breathing space".  I think my tension must be a bit tighter than Crafter's as the six stitches called for definitely felt too short!   I also wondered if it wouldn't be better to join the flowers at the second and penultimate petals instead of the first and last...  I think I'll have to try that next.

Here's the original again, as reference,
and so you can see how different the two are.

The sun is shining at last and it definitely feels like summer today!  This enabled me to collect some more elderflower and I have another batch infusing as I write this.  I was delighted with the nice response to my previous blogpost about making cordial.  Thanks for writing everyone!

Best wishes,


  1. I do like the second version of this motif much better than the first. With the closed flowers on the outside, you can see a beautiful star in the inner rings/chains. Would love to see what effect changing the joins would have.

  2. What a lovely shape! And no, your difficulties do not show up a bit!
    Fox : )

  3. Very pretty motif and turned out great!

  4. The second one (on top) is especially lovely, the flowers on the ends so perfect! The other is pretty too but so different. I think it's amazing how you know how to adapt so well as you go!

  5. Lovely variations. I like them both, it's so hard to choose between them.

  6. I love the new motif - looks like it is done in one round and for those of us who are unable to handle ends, that's a plus!

    1. Yes, that's right, made in one pass. That's the way I like it best too! Wherever possible.

  7. I tried to leave you a comment yesterday but the connection went in Portugal
    I like your version better it flows better if you know what I mean, the other one is nice but seems to lack something, can't put my finger on it. Yours looks as if its done in one round, is it.?
    Glad the weather has improved hope it stays that way for the rest of the summer.
    I did your crown design as earring which I have scheduled on my blog for yesterday, the crown design is lovely thank you for sharing the pattern, I am going to do it as an edging one day.

    1. Hi Margaret, thank you for taking the time to comment... even from Portugal! Hope you're having a lovely time. Glad you like the crowns!


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