Saturday 1 June 2013

Summer Posy

For the first time ever, I found a tatting publication in a charity shop.  I often look to see if I'll find any vintage patterns and last week I found the Ring of Tatters "Tatting 2000" publication.  Not really vintage as such but just nice to find some tatting at last!

Here is a motif from it.  It is called "Summer Posy" and is by Marjorie Hanson.

I tatted this in Altin Basak 50.  It's a very nice thread.  I only had one ball of it which I had liked before but had kind of forgotten about.  Whist placing an order for something else, I thought I'd try another few balls.  I really like the pale blue (slightly lilac) colour of the motif above but I also really like the other two colours I got:  a nice lime green and a bright pink (a bit like the pink I'm currently using for the hanky border).

It's a nice smooth thread which is very pleasant to work with.  The size works out a bit finer than a Lizbeth 20...  I'd have to test it to see if it's as fine as a 40 or something in between (I think probably something in between).

I'm still not completely happy with my tatting.  The "flow" is not quite back yet but I hope I'm getting there.

I'm also making progress on the hanky border:

Hope you're all having a nice weekend
and that the sun is shining wherever you are.

Best wishes,


  1. Beautiful motif!! :)
    Great colors of thread!! :)
    And I truly love that edging in that color!!!! :)

  2. Really nice motif - and I love that pale blue - it's such a soothing color. The hanky edging is looking great too! I can never seem to hang with one long enough to get it finished.

  3. Altin Basak is lovely thread, fortunately I have several balls still in my stash from my crocheting years!
    But I have been told that it has been discontinued, so better stock up while you can.

  4. No Maureen the thread is still available, I buy mine from, they have some lovely colours and variegated thread, I first found the thread in Rhodes while on holiday a few years ago, and last year when we went again I brought a load back in size no 8 which about no 10 in Lisbeth thread only to find it was about the same price from Lyn.
    You were lucky to find that in a charity shop, when I go in I do keep my eye open from any tatting books, but I am never lucky. Gorgeous pattern and a lovely colour.
    Look forward to seeing what you tat with the pink and lime green.
    Have a lovely weekend, it's gorgeous here too but there again we are not that far apart.

  5. It must just be here in Australia, Margaret, that the thread's discontinued - that often happens!

  6. I do enjoy tatting with Altin Basak. The colors you've chosen are beautiful! Love the motif!


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