Saturday 8 June 2013

Brooches... for your glasses

This is an idea that came to me over the last Easter holiday.  I was making things for a craft market (the one that didn't go very well if you remember) and I had a few of these interlocking ring motifs which I really liked.  I kept wondering what to do with them and then came up with this very practical idea:  I'm starting to need my reading glasses more and more and thought this would be a nice way to keep them handy.

The loop is made with strong jewellery wire which is covered in double stitches in a coordinated colour thread so it all matches.

Pretty and practical - yes?

Although some of you may have seen these in my shop, I had always intended to do a separate blogpost about them.  I just never got around to it until now!

Just another idea of what you can use your pretty tatting for.

Best wishes,


  1. That is a clever idea. I am always leaving my glasses all over the place.

  2. Great idea and it looks lovely. Need my glasses all the time!

  3. Those are so beautiful!! :)

  4. Great I will not worry about sitting on my glasses anymore!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. That is a brilliant idea, I am also always trying to find new ideas for my craft table too. Would you mind if I borrow you idea but did something slightly different with it.

    1. Of course not! Go ahead Margaret... and let me know if they sell!

  6. Now, that's not only clever but beautiful!

  7. Those are GORGEOUS! I live the colors, the pattern and everything! What a great idea to use the jewelry wire for the loop.

  8. Such a clever lass! These look amazing!
    Fox : ))

  9. Fantastic idea. Very clever and very pretty

  10. These are great! I dread the way my reading glasses flop on their beaded chain around my neck...these are far more practical and prettier too!


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