Thursday 4 October 2012


It's October.  Time for harvest, colourful leaves, Halloween and... pumpkins!  I love pumpkins.  I like the way they look and I like the way they taste!

Here is one very pretty teapot pumpkin conceived by Martha Ess and which she generously shares on her blog.

My only contribution to this great pattern was to add a couple of tendrils.

I imagine this pattern was meant to lie flat.  I have to admit that mine cupped a lot.  I debated whether to press it flat but then opted against it.  So this is a lovely three-dimensional pumpkin.  In fact my young son thought I should tat another half and make it completely round.  I had no brown so used black for the tail and the beautiful Autumn Spice by Lizbeth for the pumpkin itself.  The spout and handle are done in Lizbeth Evergreen Dark.

Ooh, it will soon be time to carve some.  The children (and I!) love doing that.

Best wishes,


  1. I love it. I love the pattern and colours to.
    The 3D effect is amasing.
    Leave it as it is

  2. Your teapot is lovely and the tendrils is a nice touch!

  3. Fabulous!!! :) Really great color too!!! :)

  4. So clever! Love the colors you chose! The vine looks real!

  5. Beautiful! Love the colorway you have chosen, too. I think the 3-D effect is quite complimentary to the pattern.

  6. Totally brilliant, I love the way you have done the teapot,

  7. Love it!!! I also love Autumn and pumpkins and the gorgeous changing of the leaves :) I must go and tat this beautiful teapot!!!

  8. Love the way you have used the colours. Beautiful pumpkin, autumnal shades.
    Fox : )

  9. Beautifully fabulous and cupping would be preferred I would think. Your tatting is lovely. Falling into Autumn Bliss...

  10. Lovely and great choice of colours, I like the 3d look of it.

  11. It's wonderful 3d. Your son is right! It would be a lovely centerpiece if you could stiffen it enough. I recently bought some FA-BRICK that would do it. Have you tried it?

    1. Hi Michelle,

      No I haven't tried Fa-brick but I've heard about it. I shall investigate to see if it's available in the UK.

  12. Yes, I think you're right Ellen!

  13. I love this pattern and intend to make it one day, maybe this is the year. The tendrils add the right touch

  14. Beautiful!
    I, too, love harvest and it's colours. And the cupping is just perfect.
    If you look closely at Martha's pic you can see that her chains are more losely so that's why hers lies flat.


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