Wednesday 17 October 2012

More Pumpkins?

I did receive the two orange colours I'd ordered (Bright Orange and Harvest Orange) as well as "Falling Leaves" which has orange, red and yellow in it.  But in the end, I used Autumn Spice again.  The colour changes in Falling Leaves are too strong, Bright Orange is too bright though I like Harvest Orange and will give that a try next.

So here is another pumpkin pattern I tried.

My pumpkins aren't perfect on this but I felt, in this case, that it added interest that they were slightly uneven... more like real pumpkins!  (that's my excuse anyway...)   Unless they are tight against each other, it's surprisingly difficult to get the rings and chains of onion rings to look really even and symmetrical.  I also tried different joins on the pumpkins so they are not all the same there either.

I also played around with where I switched shuttles.  In the original pattern, she has all the little rings in the pumpkin colour but I think they are better as leaves so you see I have mine in different colours.  If I was to carry on I would use the Autumn Spice thread where it falls in the browns and greens but otherwise use the green thread shuttle for all the vine and little rings.

Maybe an autumn pumpkin necklace would look nice?

I do find those colours very appealing together.
Autumn Spice and Jungle Greens.

Best wishes,


  1. A pumpkin necklace, how clever! I love the colors!!!

  2. What a fabulous edging!!! And the colors are awesome!!! And I do think it would make a wonderful autumn necklace!! :)

  3. That is gorgeous!! <3<3<3
    Very lovely how those two variegated-s went together!!

  4. Think a pumpkin necklace would be great

  5. Looks good. I also changed the colours when I used this pattern, I thought it made more sense to make the small rings look like leaves. I used this pattern to make an edging for a cot sheet.

    1. That sounds lovely Jane. Will I find a picture of the cot sheet on your blog?

  6. Gorgeous pumpkin necklace, what a clever idea.

  7. The colours are just right, looks really lovely.

  8. Super!! J'aime les couleurs et l'idée d'un collier c'est sympa...

  9. Bellissima! "Pumpkins on a Vine" just so happens to be my #1 Fave-O-rite edging. I usually make a bit of it each year in October out of love. Your thread choices really give the edging a sophisticated flair. Well done!!


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