Friday, 1 June 2012

Attaching Tatting to Hanky

Maria sent me a message asking how I was attaching the lace in the previous post.  I took some photos for her and then I thought I might as well post them here too... should they be of interest to any others.

I use a hat pin to make the holes but any large, sharp needle would do.

Here is the hole I just made.  I like the holes right on the edge so there
won't be a long line of thread between the hole and the ring.

I'm using 5-5 rings to attach to the hanky.  So here are my first 5 stitches made.

Put your hook through the hole and pull a loop.

Loop pulled through, use it to make a normal join.

Here is the join made.  Complete the remaining stitches of your ring.

The joins are made with the underside facing so that the large rings
face the right side of the hanky (or you could use FSBS tatting of course).
So here it is, from the front.
Two sides done, two to go!

And finally, it's the Jubilee Weekend here in the UK,
so I thought I would honour the Queen with a bit of nail art...
(the flag was painted by my son!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Best wishes,


  1. Your son did a fantastic job!!
    I really like your method for attaching. Thank you!

  2. You do everything to perfection! Another excellent tutorial! Great idea to use the tool, and I admire your perfect spacing of the holes. Also, I love the flag - very neatly done! Another artist in the family!

  3. Totally terrific Frivole! I've been looking into getting a wing needle to make the holes, but now I think I'll save me the money...have lots of sharp needles!

  4. Your son has inherited some talent I see!

    I wish I had done this - attached as I tatted. You make it look so easy....
    Fox ; )

  5. Wow fab finger nail, well done to your son, brilliant work.
    Great explanation on how you attached the edging. Well done.


  6. your method for attaching is very interesting!

  7. Hallo Frivole, the flag is wonderful! The fotos are clear, good to know some methods, in the end everybody has his own special way, but sometimes you can't use your prefered method, so it's good to have another one;)THank you for sharing!

  8. lovely blog & lovely tatting. Thanks for sharing - I have added a couple of patterns to Pinterest & hope that's ok?

  9. Thanks for this method. I will use it with my daughter's bag.

  10. How do you know how far away to punch the wholes?

  11. How do you know how far away to punch the wholes?

    1. Hi Selena, you could start by making a tiny sample and measuring the space between the rings in your tatting on the side that you want to attach to the hanky. In this case, I just started the edging and visually measured where I should make the holes. It's also easy to adjust slightly as you go along.

  12. Thank you very much for this tutorial. It is exactly what I needed right now. Mwah!

  13. Buenas tardes. Soy de Argentina. Aquí no se consiguen libros ni revistas de tatting. Quiero hacer un Ribete que publicó en Youtube(blomerick en 3 partes) Podría indicarme el patron de la tercera ronda? Gracias

  14. Dónde se puede aprender este crochet para bordes?

  15. This helps alot! Thanks for the effort and time you took to share with us which are still learning.😊


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