Monday, 19 March 2012

Music & Lace

I love our piano.  It's one of my most precious possessions.  I play nearly everyday even if sometimes it's only for a few minutes.  I love the dark shiny wood and the contrasting black and white keys.  I was looking at it the other night thinking I should make it a bit of lace.  I had placed one of my doilies on top with the free edge dangling and I thought it looked really nice.  So I thought I should start a new project.

Time to re-visit Quatrain (see Patterns tab above).  It seemed to me the shape of it would look nice on the edge of our piano.

 Motif no.19

I'm on the 4th motif already BUT, I just realise now
that the lace is going to be in the way of the music books on the stand.

Should I start again with a finer thread?
This of course would take much longer to complete...

Needs further consideration.

I also remade a short length of the Butterflies from the previous post in a plain colour:  cream.  I still like it  just as much but now need to find where to use it.  So pretty.

Motif no.20

Best wishes,


  1. Hallo Frivole, as assume the butterfly is also georgous looking in just cream!They look so elegant, not that happy in the spring wind as the variegated do ;-))
    For your piano this thread size is nice to such a big furniture in this wonderful dark wood. But a thiner thread would be greata also. Can't you place a picture in frame or a candle on the right side of the piano on the doily. So there can'T be music books put on it.

  2. I love hearing someone play the piano! I took lessons for a couple of years, but I just didn't have what it takes to learn to play. I love music, but creating it eludes me.

    I love your Quatrain motif next to the beautiful wood, and the butterfly edging looks just as beautiful in a solid color.

  3. Is it possible to modify the pattern just in the area of the music stand to "go around" the music books? With your talent, I'm sure it would look lovely.

  4. Those butterflies are gorgeous in the cream too!

    Watch out for the Quatrain, it's addictive!

  5. That's really gorgeous in a solid color. I definitely like it better than with a variegated. It's a much nicer presentation of the detail of the tatting. Very pretty pattern and tatted beautifully!

    ~Jessica (

  6. Your butterflies are so magical. I adore them. Blissful...


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